We are driven to provide fastening solutions that make installation more efficient and connections that will last longer by using higher quality materials and continuing to create new innovations that make the job easier.

TimberTite® Structural Wood Screws

Heavy-duty structural fastener ideal for landscape walls, decks, fencing, and other wood-to-wood connections.

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Structural Lag Screws

General purpose structural fastener designed for wood-to-wood construction and ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects.

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Wood Screws

Uncompromising performance when building decks, furniture, pergolas, and everything in between. See all the technology that goes into our wood screws.

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LumberTite® Structural Wood Screws

General purpose, heavy-duty flat head structural fastener designed for wood-to-wood construction without pre-drilling.

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Select the right Power Pro screw for your next project.

Whether you are working with wood or concrete or fastening multiple materials, Power Pro has the right fastener for you.

LedgerTite® Structural Wood Screws

LedgerTite® is designed to fasten the ledger board directly to the rim joist of a house without pre-drilling and without the need for a washer.

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TrussTite® Structural Wood Screws

Designed to join engineered lumber together (LVL, PSL, and LSL). Typically, these are joined with through bolts or nailing/screwing on both sides.

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ONE Multi-Material Screws

Tackle more with less. The ONE Multi-Material screw can drill into wood, plastic, drywall, and metal. Concrete and masonry applications require pre-drilling.

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Cabinet Screws

Originally designed for mounting cabinets, but useful in countless applications, our Cabinet screws provide the required strength while reducing drive time and reducing cam-out.

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Trim Screws

Sometimes it is better to not be seen. Trim screws feature a smaller head diameter that can be easily concealed.

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Concrete Anchors

Power Pro offers the most comprehensive line of concrete screw anchors available and the only one to offer anchors in black. These building code approved fasteners are available in hex head and flat head with a star drive to make driving easier.

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Cement Board Screws

Drives faster and easier and lasts longer. Compatible with all cement board brands. Fastens to wood and metal studs.

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Metal Screws

Designed for use in 26 to 11 gauge steel, the Power Pro lineup of self-drilling screws offers a wide range of solutions for indoor metal-to-metal or outdoor wood-to-metal applications.

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Roofing Screws

Engineered to fasten steel roofing to wood in post-frame construction, and plywood or OSB. Powder coated with enhanced corrosion resistance and the Micro-Bit™ point quickly penetrates metal roofing panels, while reducing metal shavings.

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Concrete & Masonry Drill Bits

Sold individually or in packs of four, Power Pro Carbide Tipped Drill Bits are offered in a variety of diameters and lengths.

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