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Power Pro has been an industry-leading and trailblazing brand of The Hillman Group for over twenty years. Our mission is to provide you with industry setting performance and features that are second to none. We obsess over delivering constantly evolving—and ever improving—products with highly innovative and expertly engineered features that perform flawlessly every time for trade professionals, DIYers, and hobbyists alike. Since 2001, we’ve taken the Power Pro brand from standard, high-quality interior and exterior wood screws to expertly engineered performance fasteners.


Under Hillman’s Project Center brand, the first Power Pro Exterior Wood Screws and Interior Wood Screws were launched at Jerry’s Home Improvement in Oregon.


After a successful run with Jerry’s Home Improvement and increased distribution throughout the home improvement retail market, Power Pro was introduced at Lowe’s. The packaging was updated to be more instinctive and illustrative and create a consistent brand look and feel.


The original just better. We went back to the drawing board and rethought all the features and benefits of the Exterior Wood Screws. Updates included the twist shank to reduce the chance of splitting the wood, under head nibs to clear out debris, and our patented Bore-FastTM threads to drive faster.


After the initial success of the improved Power Pro screws, Power Pro bolstered its internal engineering team to dedicate a strategic focus on creating a broader line of fasteners to serve professional trades, craftsmen, and DIYers.


The new engineering team delivered a patented success with the introduction of the Power Pro ONE Multi-Material Screw. Designed to work with wood, drywall, plastic, masonry and concrete allowing it to be the ONE screw users will need.


After extensive market research and user feedback, we redesigned our packaging. Unique improvements include the ability to stack packages for increased storage organization, recessed grip points to make handling and transporting easier and more secure, the half-moon lid lets users dispense a lot or a few fasteners at a time.


Another year, another patent. The Self-Drilling Metal to Metal Screws feature a unique notch pattern on the threads allows the screw to drive up to twenty percent faster. Serrations were also added under the head to provide a more secure connection.

Additionally, we introduced a new line of Metal to OSB Roofing Screws and Self-Drilling Wood to Metal Screws.


We reimagined the Cement Board Screw. For increased mortar adhesion, the head was textured for a cleaner finish, the under-head nibs help prevent cracking, the twist shank clears away particles for a cleaner connection, the threads enable quicker driving time and a more secure link, and the self-piercing point eliminates the need to pre-drill. Power Pro Cement Board Screws are designed to work with ALL major back board brands.


Power Pro Concrete Screw Anchors are ICC-ES Code Compliant and are available in three colors, blue, white, and black in various lengths and 3/16”, 1/4”, and 5/16” diameters. Making this the most comprehensive line of light and medium-duty screw anchors available.


Power Pro® Structural Lag Screws are a complete line of innovative, building code-approved structural wood screws that outperform the competition. The patented screw design offers features that are unmatched in the category and set a new benchmark for performance.


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